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Liberty Unsecured Reviews & Testimonials

Website:       Phone: 1-866-493-1938       Location: Florida

Company Overview

Liberty Unsecured is not a lender. Liberty Unsecured helps consumers and small business find the loan they are looking to obtain. It has been reported that Liberty Unsecured charges an upfront fee for their services. The Federal Trade Commission heavily warns consumers against any company that charges an up-front or advance fee. Please visit www.Consumer.FTC.Gov for more information.



2 Responses to Liberty Unsecured Reviews & Testimonials

  1. Life House Financial says:

    They took me for my MONEY. In the beginning I spoke with a John Mcgloclin then Neil and they both were so kind and promising of my two loans. Neil who said he was there for 10 years all of a sudden stopped working there and so did John. They took $492.00 from me to start everything up. They referred me to improved before I could even get my loan. I spoke to a Michelle who is no longer there and a David who charged me an additional 149.00 which was not in the contract who is no longer working there either. These people are disappearing left and right and when I call to check on my file they don’t know what I’m talking about or they just never answer at all. I had to send out certified letters to credit bureaus and creditors which is a few hundred dollars out my pocket. 10 months later and nothing. They reason I went ahead and let them take out the $492.00 was because at the time in February 2010 they had an (A+)with the better business bureau now they have an( F) and they other company (D-). Don’t go with this company they are a SCAM!!!! Posted on measured

  2. Life House Financial says:

    I received a call from these people as well. They called to tell me that I was pre approved for a loan of up to 5,000. The thing is that I will have to keep $500 in a checking account for at least 10 days straignt. What the hell is that. I asked about that the representative told me the reason is that the account is open and in good standing, and I will have to fax over a bank statement showing the $500 being in the account for those 10 days. Thats a bunch of bull, because I’ve had many, many loans, and I never had to do anything like that before, Now that was my first clue that this is a scam company. Why should you have to pay for a loan, if approved your approved no matter what. You should not have to add or pay upfront. That’s crazy, what happens is that they take you money as long as they have your information available and they run. No more no less. Do not give personal informaton to Liberty or any other so called loan places. Especially if they don’t seem legit, and if they ask for payments upfront when you didn’t even get the loan. Its NO all the way. Take care and be careful. I always google and fine out if anyone else may have had dealings with a company and as always I find out someone always had a problem or dealings with this company.Posted on

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